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Answers:YesNo was designed with one purpose in mind. Provide an easy to use, affordable way for a nonverbal young man with autism and motor planning issues to communicate with those around him. The application is straightforward. It has two, large, color-coordinated buttons…one for yes, and one for no. Press either, and you will hear a voice read your selection.

Although there are many options that provide nonverbal communication for those with autism and similar disorders, most are expensive, and cumbersome. YesNo provides the ability to answer simple questions using an iPhone or iPodTouch that easily fits in a pocket or purse.

Austin uses his YesNo application on his iPod touch, which is already with him for watching movies and listening to music. He can use the program at the doctor’s office, when working with the special needs teachers at his school, or just to have a conversation with one of his nurses.

Of course, there are many more potential uses for the program…use it at the dentist office to let the doctor know YES! YES! YES! It does hurt! Have a sore throat? Use YesNo. Are you 14 old named KC? If you are, see how long your friends will tolerate your just using this app to talk to them. Are you a doctor, speech therapist, or work with people who have difficulty speaking? I am sure you can think of a use for such a simple program. If you do, let us know and we will post your story on our website.

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Answers:YesNo was designed with one purpose in mind. Provide an easy to use, affordable way for a nonverbal young man with autism and motor planning issues to…
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