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You can't bleach the autism out of your child

Well I just read the Article and there's a couple of things I'd like to quote from it like:

"Autism one is an annual conference whose stated mission is to educate “parents, professionals, and the public about the care, treatment, recovery and prevention of autism and related disorders by making critical information available through new channels as well as traditional ones.” Educational therapies (such as behavior, speech and occupational therapy) and medication (antipsychotics, antidepressants and others ) would be considered “traditional” while the “new channels” referred to tend to be in the area of experimental biomedical treatments, often drawn from complementary and alternative medicine."

So these people think bleaching your child would get rid of Autism with alternative medicine ? Since when is Sodium Chloride considered medication, alternative or not ?

"MMS can cure almost anything: cancer, AIDS, and just about any other serious disease you can imagine."  

Is that there excuse for using MMS to cure Autism cause it's a serious disease ?  I don't think so. Such ingnorance!  

This is horrible! Sad

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