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Skin Rash, Doctors And Gluten

Article by Gluten Allergy

I just received the following comment, posted under the Self-Testing for Food Allergiespage.

I decided to provide the reply as a separate article, rather than burying it in the comments, because there are a few important points here that I think you will find useful, and I want to make sure you can easily find this article.

Here is the comment:


Wow! I have been dealing with this since Nov of 2008 and have been to the doc twice. It just don't seem to go off just very little. The Doc put me on some steriod cream which easied it a little then he put me on Aluminum latate cream which really burns bad but helps the awful rash ease a little. I have it on my hands and clearly up to my elbows but no where else. I notice I itch after anything with flour. As my mother has this gluten allergy the Doc says this isn't that. I have scedualed an appointment with a dermatoligist and hope to get to the root of this. It drives me nuts. I have patches that are red and identical tiny blisters that bust and ooze. I put these creams on and it clear up the irritated spots and new blister come out around the edge. I will let you know if this is what I have after I get to this dermatoligist. Thanks this did help a little! -Suzy

Here is my reply:


Thanks for your comment, Suzy.

I hope the dermatologist is able to help you.


It seems to me that dermatologists more often treat the symptoms (e.g. prescription for steroid creams) than get to the root causes (allergy? Other environmental factors? Nutrient deficiencies?)


If your mom has a gluten allergy, and you itch after eating anything with flour, that is a big CLUE.

Go ahead and see the dermatologist, but also try cutting out all wheat. See what happens. If eliminating wheat and gluten from your diet solves the problem, the it doesn't matter what your doctor says, you've found your own answer.


Doctors provide an opinion - sometimes little better than educated guess. Nothing wrong with that, sometimes its the best they can do.

The point is that you can make your own educated guess, and your guess may turn out to be right.

Some doctors like to be right and feel threatened by suggested causes by their patients. If your doctor is that type of person, you definitely do not want him to throw you off your own hunch, which just might be right.


Now you don't want to come up with your own medical cures - prescribing yourself medication or performing medical procedures on yourself! This is the domain of doctors, and when medications or surgery is the best answer, you want to leave it up to them.

Changing your diet is entirely different.


There is nothing harmful about eliminating wheat from your diet. On the contrary, it forces you to eat better by eliminating a lot of crappy, unhealthy food from your diet, and forcing you to rethink what you eat.


This is not easy. The results though can be spectacular.


Firstly, if you have a wheat allergy or gluten intolerance, eliminating this poison from your system will have a hugely positive effect on your life and your health.

It may take some time to clear out of your system. You may not notice any improvement for days or weeks. But the improvements will be huge when they come - if you are allergic to gluten or have celiac disease.

Heating healthy food (if your diet is not currently all that healthy) will also have an effect on your life. This could be subtle, or it could be huge - depending on your current diet, and what you choose to eat instead.

So there is no risk to eliminating wheat and gluten from your diet. Although challenge, you may find this produces a dramatic change in your health and energy levels.

Try it and see what happens!


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