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Biomedical Autism Treatment – MMS and Chronic Infections

We know that chronic infections are a huge problem seen in Autism. I’ve been battling chronic yeast, chronic bacteria, even chronic parasitic infections with kids for many years. The chronic yeast problems are so pervasive that it is almost a given that a particular child on the Autism spectrum either has or at some point will manifest with some type of chronic yeast issue. We know that many of the common diets, the gluten casein free, if it is done correctly, by also reducing sugar and a lot of artificial colors and flavors, the low oxalate diet, the specific carbohydrate diet, can be helpful along with herbal remedies, sometimes medications like Nystatin or Diflucan at resolving these yeast issues. But, some kids it doesn’t and the things persist. I’ve implemented biofilm protocols to help breakdown the biofilm. Bioflm is this polysaccharide type material that gets produced by these organisms as a protective mechanism against the immune system. So they exist in a state of biofilm.

One remedy which is now becoming quite popular that I have actually seen very good success in my practice of late is something called MMS which is a chlorine dioxide product. And I’ve had a number of parents come forth who want me to help them implement this particular treatment or they want to know if it is dangerous or what my thoughts are or is it effective, etc. I have to say after having evaluated, research, read about it, talked with people about it, read other people’s experience with it, and now having had many parents in my own practice implementing it for their child I’m finding it to be actually a very useful remedy for chronic states of infection. Part of it is the chronic parasitic infection, sometimes the worm infections that exist but certainly states of chronic bacteria and yeast problems that just are not resolving with other means.

So I’ve become quite favorable to MMS but I want people to realize that they need to do their own research, they need to work with their own Doctor that may be helping them as far as biomedical intervention and then also work with individuals who are experienced in implementing MMS therapy. The first place you want to start is go to www.mmsautism.com and become familiar with the product. So you need to do your own research with respects to this. And of course talking it over with your doctor to find out if it is appropriate for your child’s particular situation. I am also available for questions and answers through the member forum at www.autismactionplan.com where I answer parents’ questions on a daily basis with respects to MMS and other therapies as well with respects to biomedical intervention for Autism.

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