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Biomedical Autism Treatment – MMS and Autism update

I wanted to give you an update on my clinical experience so far with respects to MMS therapy. From the posting of my last video there has been even greater gains with many of the kids in my practice who are currently doing MMS therapy. And what I can really say is that MMS continues to impress. Some of the toughest cases that I’ve seen with respects to chronic infections, whether that is bacterial problems, chronic yeast issues, and now we know many of these kids have chronic parasitic infections, and not just parasites such as Giardia, Blastocystis or Cryptosporidium which many do. But deep seated worm infections which are seemingly starting to become eradicated through MMS and many of the other medications that are also being given in conjunction with MMS whether it is Vermox, Pyrantel, Ivermectin, Praziquantel.

So I want you to be open minded about MMS therapy. It takes some research, it takes some looking up on your own to become educated about it. But for what it is worth, I’ve been a physician now working with kids on the Autism spectrum for many, many years. I’ve been involved in a wide variety of studies as well as implementation of biomedical therapies and I have to honestly tell you that MMS has become, in my practice, a significant therapy with respects to biomedical intervention for children on the Autism spectrum. I also have a number of parents who are part of my subscription biomedical website which is called www.AutismActionPlan.com that I dialogue back and forth with on a daily basis through the parent forum, many of them who are doing MMS and seeing tremendous success. If you want additional information and access to people who are doing it with their kids, that is a great place to ask questions is through the parent forum at www.AutismActionPlan.com.

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