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Tinkyada Gluten Free Organic Brown Rice Spirals & Fettucini

Since becoming gluten free I have tried several different types of pasta – corn and rice to name two popular ones.  By far my most favorite is Tinkyada’s Gluten Organic Free Brown Rice Spirals.  You can find a list of all their products here.  The spirals are available with or without rice bran – I haven’t noticed the difference but the only ones I find at my grocery store are the ones without.  The ones with the rice bran however are usually cheaper.

Tinkyada Organic Brown Rice Spirals

Tinkyada Gluten Free Organic Brown Rice Spirals

Unlike the effect sometimes found with corn pasta, the brown rice pasta does not change the flavor of the pasta dish you are creating.  I have used them for pasta with plain marinara, with alfredo sauce (using the Tinkyada fettucine noodles) and even cold in a pasta salad dish.  These spirals are almost indistinguishable in taste from your normal pasta (not whole wheat).  I always found the texture of the whole wheat pastas to be rather grainy.  For someone who is watching their intake based on the glycemic index, brown rice is a great alternative to white rice pasta and as a whole grain without the rough texture.

These noodles have even been tested on my non-gluten free friends and they agree that the taste is great.  I had several people try the pasta salad and they said they couldn’t tell the difference!  So for all you looking for a wheat alternative, I highly recommend the Tinkyada line.  One note to you – I ALWAYS rinse my rice pasta.  If you do not rinse it, it develops a rice-y film that changes the texture.  Also be sure you don’t under-cook the pasta or it is rather chewy.  I cook for maximum time and then rinse under cold water.

Tinkyada » Brown Rice Spirals
Tinkyada » Brown Rice Fettucine


Hey guys, I'm Kat and I am a 20-something living Gluten Free in Austin, Texas. For 21 years I was oblivious to my gluten intolerance, so I love taste testing gluten free items to compare to the "real thing". Here I review products, post recipes, provide information and anything else I can think of for your benefit. This is my record of my Gluten Free Endeavor.

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