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New autism treatment center opens in Forest Park - WLWT Cincinnati

As more kids are being diagnosed with autism nationwide, a new treatment option in Cincinnati opened its doors.

Hope Bridge Chief Clinical Officer Kim Strunk said one in every 68 kids are diagnosed with autism nationally.


“One in 42 in boys. These numbers are pretty staggering,” Strunk said fewer children are getting the benefits of multi-tier treatment because of the increased amount of those diagnosed.

“Autism wasn't diagnosed nearly as early. It was typically once they got to school. We are seeing a real push for early identification,” Strunk said. “There is just such a need and there is not an abundance of providers.”

That's why the treatment center is opening its first facility in Ohio, in Forest Park.
Strunk said Hope Bridge is trying out a different treatment approach.

"We provide applied behavior analysis also known as ABA therapy. We offer it in a unique way because we offer a 360 model. We offer the expertise of occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy along with our applied behavior,” Strunk said.

The center has work stations, play space and one-on-one training rooms.

“This location can service up to 50 kids. Each one can get one on one attention,” Strunk said, “The impact that we have seen has been huge for families. Whether that means going to the grocery store. Going to a family dinner out."

The center is training staff now. Strunk said the center will hire up to 50 new people to help families get the tools they need.

“We want to have that hope for these families to help them achieve the best life possible,” Strunk said.

The center is currently enrolling kids into the program.

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