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Beaumont finishes state-of-the-art autism center in Dearborn - Fox 2 Detroit

- A new and improved Beaumont facility in Dearborn will provide the most up-to-date care for children with autism.

"What we hope is that with treatment and therapies their symptoms are minimized and most importantly they're able to live their own dreams," said Dr. Susan Youngs of Beaumont CEF.

It's an all-hands-on deck approach that vies specialized care from treatment to education. While the work is challenging, the results are life-changing.

"We've been asked by our families for many, many years when we would be adding this service and be able to provide this level of care. It is a dream come true and there is a huge need for the service," said Michelle Teklinski, assistant director of Beaumont CEF.

The Exceptional Families Autism Center has been offering medical care for special needs children for the last 19 years, but they're now excited to offer even more services specialized for patients across the spectrum.

"She's grown with motor skills and verbation - talking, different noises and things she makes now that she wasn't making prior to coming here," Alicia Dockter said.

The center, a collaboration between Beaumont and Univeristy of Michigan Dearborn, opened its doors in May.

FOX 2 spoke with a parent of a 3-year-old with autism who told us she's already seen benefits.

"We can do all of that and teach them to do these things independently without any assistance, with the goal being that they won't need a respite care worker," said Jason Majchrzak, supervisor at the Autism Center.

Another useful tool is the center has its own apartment for applied behavioral analysis.

It allows supervisors to help patients navigate many of the everyday activities that seem simple to us but can be challenging for them.

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