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ASU student holds book review on his journey with autism - WALB-TV


An Albany State University student opened up about his journey with autism.  

ASU junior and Author Jaylon O'Neal shared his autobiography titled "Autism: In My Own Word" during his book review Monday evening.

In the book, O'Neal talked about his struggle with autism and how he overcame it. 

O'Neal hoped students would walk away from the presentation with a better understanding of people with autism. 

"I took that step in being able to reach out and just speak to people in a different way about communicating. I gave so many people the chance to understand me and not just go off of pure observation," said O'Neal.

ASU staff held the book review because autism is part of their special aid curriculum, and they hoped to personalize it by sharing O'Neal's story with his peers. 

You can buy the paperback book for $15 and the e-book for $7 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major retailers. 

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