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ABAChildren with autism are often frustrated. They are misunderstood, have a tough time communicating their needs, suffer from hypersensitivities to sound, light and touch ... no wonder they sometimes act out! Behavior therapists are trained to figure out just what lies behind negative behaviors, and to recommend changes to the environment and routines to improve behavior.

Some of the most popular thrapies in this area are:


  • Applied Behavior Analysis: What Makes a Great ABA Program?
  • Architecture and Autism: Providing Supports for the Autistic Child or Adult Through the Built Environment.
  • Breaking Through Behavior-The Camphill Communities Anthroposophical Approach to Autism.
  • CARD eLearning and Skills: Web-Based Training, Assessment.
  • Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Munroe-Meyer Institute.
  • Early Start Denver Model.
  • Relationship Development Intervention.
  • Curriculum and Progress Tracking for Children with Autism.
  • MERIT: Integrating ABA with Developmental Models.

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