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Understanding Autism


Most of them would have done a full research regarding the spectrum disorder and would have found away that it is a lasting disorder and there is presently no known cure for it. However, not everyone is uncoerced to larn about the disease. Some parents of other kids at school, teachers and yet some relatives may view this as a Black disability and some may not be capable to defy the behaviors or characteristics a child with autism posses. Others may not acknowledge a child with autism and be capable to state the difference between an autistic child and normal child. There is autism that has meek effect on a child while there is some type that affects a child’s ability badly. So it all depends on what case of autism the child has, whether it is meek or terrible. Kids with meek autism look to be partially normal in all activities except in keeping eye contact and building relationships with other kids. While those with terrible are the hard ones to control, they have several health and effusive problems to deal with.  Some of them are unable to verbally communicate. Other relatives will be helpful if they learn to understand the basics of autism. To clearly comprehend what it is and how the sufferer is affected. There are important documents regarding this disease that could be read from National Institute of Health and it would be wise to read a copy of this to be well aware of autism.


Autism is known to be more common in males than in females. This is a disease that does not just affect one county but is a widespread developmental disorder. There is no statistic or records that shows that this is a disorder of the impoverish society or of the well of society. It is a disorder that affects anyone from any walks of life and could be discovered by parents at an early stage of a child’s development stage, around 3 years of age. Some kids with autism seem to be gifted or bright in some areas as they tend to perform repetitive routines. Some autistic kids who were introduced to playing instruments and loved the activity learn to be extremely excellent at it whilst other may be retard or unable to speak at all.   

Hope Autism Service offer Autism Therapy & Autism Treatment for brain disorder that typically appears during a child’s first three years and lasts throughout a person's lifetime.

Autism Every Day is a film produced by Lauren Thierry and Jim Watkins of October Group and Eric Solomon of Milestone Video. A 13-minute version of the film was screened at A New Decade for Autism, a fundraising event held May 9, 2006 in New York City.

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