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As many parents of a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder cognize, ABA Therapy, when began former, has a chief goal of cooking children for school by the time they are the advantageous age for kindergarten.  Early intervention therapy is designed to assisted prepare children with the learning and behavior skills they need to conspire in a classroom of their peers.  This is a shared goal between both clinical and home ABA Training courses.  What many parents do not know, however, is that ABA does not stop when their child enters school.


ABA Therapy is ongoing.  While a child may not always need forty or more hours a week or more of intensive ABA Training, a routine is typically necessary fifty-fifty after enrollment in school.  For this reason, it is important for parents and school teachers and counselors to be in contact before school begins and to maintain close communication.  With good communication, parents and schools can synchronize curriculums and goals and work to help provide children the best education possible.  By working together to create a cohesive team, they can also make the transition into a recently learning environment less nerve-racking and traumatic and more excite.


ABA Therapy at home should be synchronized with what the child is dealing with at school.  Lessons between school ABA Training providers and parents should run matching, helping to keep the child focused and to help them learn quickly.  Well administered ABA Therapy tinning truly assist children excel in school, not only keeping them on par with their peered but in many instances help them to excel.

ABA Training is not solely designed to prepare a child for school.  The behaviors and learning methods learn through ABA Therapy are designed to carry a child throughout their lifetime.  This will help the child to not only excel in school, but to thrive in social situations and to prepare them for life in the working world when school is complete.  Studies have followed early participants in ABA Therapy into adulthood and have found that results of the training carry fully into these later years.  This helps to reaffirm the knowledge that it is the most successful treatment known for autism.


In short, ABA Therapy is an ongoing process.  While much of ABA Training happen before school age in many children, the methods and taught continue well after this period.  With proper training and effective teaching methods, ABA can truly help children prepare for life and to succeed not just academically, but in social and emotional settings as well.



Garrett Butch is the father of a 6 year old with autism and is the flop of Maximum Potential. MP's courses in ABA Therapy and ABA Training were developed by 2 PhD BCBAs to empower parents and school systems and to provide effective and affordable training for school systems and parents.Visit MaximumPotentialKids.com to learn more.

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