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Biomedical Autism Treatment – Respen-A Therapy and Autism Update

Let me give you an update on Respen-A therapy. To learn more about Respen-A you can go to the website www.respen-a.com. There is a new version of Respen that is showing even greater benefit with respects to the previous versions. And we know that Respen is very helpful for language development, particularly improvements in complexity of language, purposeful speech, improvements in social engagement, less sensory issues, less self-stimulatory problems with individuals on the Autism spectrum.

And the newer version is actually having less of a hyperactivity stimulating effect in some kids that the previous versions had. The problem wasn’t significant in the past but it is even less now. And of course like any child or any individual on the Autism spectrum, their own individual sensitivity to any particular therapy is going to be very individualized. But in my experience the new Respen is showing tremendous success and I want you to know about it.

The other nice thing about the new Respen version that there is less supportive supplements that often have to be taken along with it. So there is less things essentially that you have to give. Calcium is still important and we are still trying to avoid a lot of the essential fatty acid supplements that tend to interfere with Respen but there is less other supplements that need to go along with it which makes it desirable. So again if you want to learn more about Respen-A therapy go to www.respen-a.com. I also have a section on www.AutismActionPlan.com which is my membership site and you can also post me questions through the parent forum at www.AutismActionPlan.com as well with respects to Respen-A therapy or a wide variety of other biomedical therapies that you are researching.

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