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Divorce and Vaccination

Broken heartNOTE: Divorce is contentious enough without rancor regarding medical decisions. Here, a mother went to jail for contempt of court - over her decision not to vaccinate her son, against her ex-husband's decision. This case was in Michigan. Are vaccines to become a new weapon in divorce cases? The courts are likely to agree with the parent who wants to vaccinate. Doest his put the child's best interests first?

A 9-year-old boy at the center of vaccine dispute between his divorced parents received four immunizations on Monday, according to court testimony today.

The boy's mother, Rebecca Bredow, 40, of Ferndale, opposed the shots and served five days in the Oakland County Jail for refusing a judge's order to get them. The boy's father, James Horne, wanted his son vaccinated and had them administered on Monday, when he had custody of the child. 

Through his attorney, Benton Richardson, Horne declined comment after the court hearing.

Bredow fought back tears as she discussed her jail stint and the rulings today. 

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