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Some of the most popular neurological therapies to treat autism are:

Neurofeedback - Cutting edge treatment for childen with autism

August 22, 2011
Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that uses electroencephalography to provide a signal that can be used by a person to receive feedback about brain…
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Sensory dysfunction -Chiropractic treatments

September 01, 2011
A fundamental component and symptom of autism is that of sensory dysfunction. A common therapeutic approach, referred to as sensory integration, is the…
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The Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency (HANDLE)

August 22, 2011
Judith Bluestone has developed a program called HANDLE, which is a gentle, natural, non-drug treatment modality, offering hope and help to those wishing to…
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Brain Balance -Effective Treatment for children with Asperger or Autism

August 22, 2011
Autism rate is increasing at astonisihing rate each year, an estimated 1.5 million children-one out of every six-are diagnosed with autism, Asperger's…
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